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this is a port and small update of the bracken spriggan follower mod from original skyrim. it adds a small dungeon and a new follower, bracken the spriggan.

Permissions and credits
What's in the Mod?
Bracken is a Spriggan follower with a unique look located in a small new dungeon, Spriggan's Rest.

She's slightly smaller than other spriggans and is quite fragile, but she'll follow faithfully and even carry some of your burdens for you. She is set to essential because I can't bear to see that lovely little Spriggan get killed! :( She also speaks with Spriggan noises rather than using Vanilla follower voice lines.

She'll follow along even with other companions be they human or animal and works alongside the various Creation Club pets. If told to go home she will return to Spriggan's Rest to tend to her fallen sisters.

The Dungeon, Spriggan's Rest is located in Whiterun Hold, west of Fort Greymoor. It's a small (some might say tiny) Nordic Barrow dedicated to Kynareth. However some nasty Hags with a penchant for burning Spriggans have made their home there. Led by their Hagraven mistress Gytha, they sacrifice those Spriggans unfortunate enough to be captured to their Old Gods.

What's changed in the update from Oldrim?
  • Bracken no longer uses the Spriggan Call of the Wild ability. It was a cool thing to have but as with regular Spriggans, the effect caused the environment lighting to go all funny when it was cast and it was slightly disconcerting.
  • Bracken given slightly more health.
  • Swirling Spriggan leaf effect removed from Bracken.
  • Various placement fixes for props in the dungeon.
  • Spelling mistake fixed on the Sacrificial Dagger.

What issues am I likely to encounter?
  • There is a small bug with the lighting that I can't seem to fix for the life of me, it causes a dark line to appear on a certain section of the Barrow. If anyone knows how to fix it, do tell!
  • There may be issues if you use certain follower mods to remove the limit or the like. I personally do not use such mods so I haven't checked all the various compatibility issues that may arise. Sorry!
  • Any mod that modifies the same location as the Dungeon Entrance will likely have issues. I haven't had a great deal of time to check all the big mods that add new dungeons and areas and things but It is compatible with Hammet's Dungeon Pack. That I do know!

I am the original author of the mod for Ye Olde Skyrim, previously published under a different account/profile/whatever it's called, Swinton1. This was and is my first and only mod so if it's a bit naff, that's why! Feel free to leave criticism and ways you think It could be improved or fixed or whatnot!

Hope you like it!
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