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3d走势连线带坐标图 enables crossbows and fixes the price of crossbows/bows. also puts these in the appropriate cultures.

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The other fixes for crossbows and bows I saw out there either put crossbows everywhere, or only in Empire territory. This version places crossbow production in both Empire and Vlandian territory. Appropriate territory for any given crossbow was determined based on the troops that use that particular weapon. Additionally, some Battanian bows which were previously marked as Vlandian now get produced in Battania, as they should be. 

Crossbows and Bows should also have their prices lowered drastically. The prices should mostly follow a reasonable curve from sub 100 to 6000, though top-end bows may still be over 10k.

There are still a couple of problem weapons which are massively overproduced, no matter what I do. The Woodland Yew Bow, Woodland Long Bow, Nomad Bow, and to a lesser extent the vanilla Crossbow receive disproportionate production. I don't know if this can be fixed easily without changes to the underlying code, as reducing the value that controls their production weight also reduces their price. I've disabled the Woodland Yew Bow, and tweaked the values of the other two in order to try and balance price while letting other bows actually spawn.

This was heavily based on the Item Fixer Plus mod, and was made with e1.0.4 in mind. It's not unlikely that future patches will break or obsolete this somehow.
To install, place the RangedWeapons folder in the \Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder, and then enable it in the mods section of the game's launcher.
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