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a port of lyn from fire emblem in her swordmaster outfit. complete with eye movement, blinking, and physics. also included are optional files for her weapons and a charm based on the binding blade.

Permissions and credits

Replaces the Ciri layered armor with a full model port of Lyn in her swordmaster outfit from Fire Emblem Warriors. This port is complete with blinking/moving eyes and plenty of physics bones for various parts of her outfit. I have also made two different variants of coloration for the outfit. If you do not like the full recoloring, be sure to download the optional file that limits the recoloring to only a small part of the model.

Additionally, a semi- custom slinger has been included that I tried to get to match her themes as much as possible. If you do not like it (which I would totally understand, I am not good at making my own models/textures) included is an optional file to get rid of the slinger.

Also included is a model port of her weapons from the game. They are dual blades set to replace the guild cross sabers, but can be moved to whatever weapon you would like.

Finally, I have also included a layered version of the armor, set to replace the orion layered armor set. It does not have the eye movement/blinking of the Ciri model, but can be moved to whatever layered that you would like through file renaming.

UPDATE: Voice File

ItsBurpee has made an excellent voice mod for both the Ciri and layered armor replacer. Pick it up and give it a try!

Choose which files you would like to download, starting from the base of either the Ciri replacer or the layered armor replacer.
Extract the nativePC folder and place it in your Monster Hunter World root directory (next to the game's exe).
If you are downloading any of the optional files and are asked to replace files, do so.
Please note, only the sword models can be installed on their own, every other optional file needs either the base Ciri or layered armor replacer.
Please make sure you are downloading the file specific to the base model you have installed.


All credit goes to Intelligent Systems/Nintendo/Omega Force/Team Ninja for the original design/models/textures.

Credit to  over at  for ripping from the original game.

Thanks to AsteriskAmpersand for developing the tools needed to mod the game.

Thanks to zStatykz and CyrilAmethyst for teaching me how to actually mod.
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